Don't cover it, get rid of it!

Odor Remediation services are needed when Febreze and scented candles stop working. Odor can be absorbed by carpet and area rugs, paint, furnishing fabric, and ventilation systems. In these cases cleaning, removing the origin of bad odor, and spraying scented aerosols are not enough. Our process gets rid of odor on a molecular level, rather than masking the scent.

We can get rid of scents from:

  • MJ Usage or Grows
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Biological Material
  • Mildew
  • Pet Odor
  • Various Seasons / Cooking Residue


Is the process safe for pets?

Yes, we use a vapor that turns into water when a process is finished. It is safe for the pet, people, and plants!

Do we have to leave the home during the process?

Yes, you and your furry family members will have to leave the home for about 6-8 hours. Most people just stay with family during that time, or if it's a rental property, it is completed will the unit is vacant. It can be done overnight or during the workday.

Is the service guaranteed?

Yes! We have never failed at removing bad odor. Our process works! But, if the smell returns, we will come back for free.

Are estimates free?

Estimates are always free and no obligation. In fact, we would prefer it. Call today to schedule an estimate!